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Saturday, 20 June 2015


Set adrift in your eyes, I got lost in love's sea
Shipwrecked in your wake… but do you remember me? 
I signal to you from the embers of my heart
Rescue me, my love, from my Isle of misery

I frequent the shadows; I'm sinking in love's sand
The sun burns my body where you once placed your hands
Salt tears stain my cheeks. Darling, have I cried enough?
Sent message via bottle... hope you'll understand

I've searched the stars, but can no longer see your face
Without your love I feel so desolate... displaced
The shells they taunt with whispers, echoes of your voice
I fear I'll die on these shores if you don't make haste 

I'm starving slowly, denied of the love of you 
I've drawn three words on the beach... yet they seem too few
I pray you'll see them soon and it won't be too late
Before I am swallowed up ... devoured by the blue

© Debbie Razey 2015