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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lost Summers

Long summers' wishful, endless days; the world at our feet
Dreaming away the hours, too impatient for what came next
Chilling out; lying on my single bed, your arm behind my head
Staring at the wind chime, purple lightbulb and the ultraviolet stars
Here we planned the next gig, our future, imagining how it would be
Always music rocking in the background as your fingers traced my palm
Incense burning; candles lit and flickering, illuminating the box room walls
Posters formed a mosaic of all the Seattle grunge bands we adored
Doc Martins, backy tin, lighters, album covers strewed upon the floor

Playing with your hippy hair, friendship bracelets around our wrists
Leaning out the window, blowing smoke beyond my parents reach 
Sipping from the same smuggled-in beer can, feeling all grown up
Acoustic guitar upon your knee as you strummed and felt out the chords
Leaning with your back upon me, arm resting on my ripped jean knee
How I always thought it would be that way, you forever by my side
Best friends, bosom buddies; no awkwardness; no topic not discussed
Until one day our eyes fixed; our lips parted, our bodies consumed with lust
Our youthful beauty unveiled; I wanted to touch you, I wanted you to touch me 

Now our days of innocence had been muddied; the boundaries crossed
My best friend, now became my lover, what would they say...?
We decided to keep it hidden, and through this, parted ways 
I wonder still, if we'd followed our hearts and cared less what others thought
Had we been honest about our feelings, had more confidence in ourselves
Would we still be together, holding each other.... dreaming our lives away

Debbie Razey 2014