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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I have never been one who is good with directions or with decisions of any kind
Confused, bewildered, pensive of choice, change; or indeed of what I may find
Doors, thresholds, new beginnings have always posed a grave threat to me
My perceptions heavily filtered by the ifs, whys; the uncertain and potential controversy
Perhaps I have left too many doors unopened and slammed shut too readily that which posed a threat
Only daring to peek through the keyhole with great trepidation, reluctant to take a chance in life's big game of roulette
Perhaps that's why my world seems stagnant, restricted, bleak and enclosed

Oh how I would like to fling those doors wide open and escape my mind's own walls
Throwing caution to the wind; I'd be impulsive, without fear and from new opportunities I'd no longer shun
How my world would then open up like a flower bud, boldly stretching towards the light of the radiant sun
Perhaps I would then flow with tides and be guided by the waning moon
Maybe then my heart would rejoice, with the morning birds' glorious tune
Would my mind then settle with the sunset, my soul be soothed by the dew?
My lost sense of wonder be rekindled through the changing seasonal hue?
I wonder then, would the fog of doubt clear forever, leaving the way hopeful and free

Perhaps then the stars would pinpoint clearly, what I was meant to experience and truly see

© Debbie Razey 2014

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